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The Moon Den is a US Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga School.

Anny teaches a 300 hour yoga teacher's training once a year in Chinese. Please see Chinese section of the website for details. Students who graduate from the program are eligible to become a US Yoga Alliance certified teacher.


Yoga class description

Anny teaches an integrated form of Hatha yoga, Vinyasa and Bhakti yoga (heart devotional chanting). She teaches yoga as a spiritual discipline for cultivating awareness and compassion. We practice yoga to increase our connection to our body, which is our subconscious mind. Through breath and movement we stimulate content in our subconscious mind to the surface for us to become aware of, release and embrace. Once the body mind is relaxed and prana is flowing freely, we also open ourselves to connect effortlessly with the Divine.

Benefits of Anny's yoga class include:

※ Enliven your body

※ Boost immune system

※ Release stress

※ Clear your mind

※ Open your heart

※ Increase self-awareness

※ Learn self-acceptance

※ Enhance our connection to the world

※ Return to your free, authentic Self


Class Flow

Class begins with sitting meditation to ground and center ourselves.

We set our intention. Chant Om to connect to the Source, ask for guidance.

We move into pranayama (breath control) and asana (posture).

The breath moves the body, and the mind is awake, observing. By sensing the internal experience of each breath and movement, we anchor our mind in the present. The practice becomes a moving meditation. Bodily sensation is the language of our spirit. When we pay attention to it, we realize things about ourselves we normally may not notice. In yoga class, our body, mind, and spirit has a chance to commune.

Savasana (deep relaxation). We lay down to rest to absorb the healing energy we created.

Chanting. We chant Sanskrit mantras to create a divine mood in which we can surrender and open our hearts.

Meditation. We end with Metta, loving-kindness meditation, to share the love and merit from our practice with all sentient beings.


Schedule of 2015:

Yang Yoga:
A Moving Meditation using Vinyasana flow to move from one posture to another. Emphasis on letting the breath move the body while the mind stays anchored in the physical sensations. Deep conscious breathing combined with physical movements massages and expand the body. A cleansing, invigorating experience, giving you energy with a calm and focused mind.

Yin Yoga:
Through sitting and lying postures, we sharpen our awareness to awaken constricted and neglected parts of the body. We stay in each posture for a longer time to stretch the ligaments, tendons, and meridians. Each inhalation is a deep massage, each exhalation is a chance to practice melting our resistance to discomfort. By keeping the mind open and relaxed to embrace whatever we feel, we can move through any constriction into relaxation and freedom.

Each 2 hour class consists of 2 segments: 1 hour yang flow yoga, plus 1 hour yin yoga & meditation.

Time & Fee:
Schedule for 2015:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning 10:00~12:00:
January : 1/5, 1/7, 1/9, 1/12, 1/14, 1/16 (9:00~11:00 AM), 1/21, 1/23, 1/26, 1/28, 1/30 ( 11 days)
February : 2/2, 2/4, 2/6, 2/9, 2/11, 213 ( 6 days)

Drop in one class: NT 680 for both Yang and Yin Yoga
Register for all 17 days from January to February 2015: NT 8,500
Register for twice a week from January to February 2015: NT 6,960
*Cash or wire transfer in advanced only, no credit card.

Classroom is in the mountain near Shilin district, Taipei. 5 Mins from National Palace Museum by car. You can also reach here by bus.

15 Students limitation, first come first serve.

* Please bring your own yoga mat, towels, water bottle
* Please finish your meal 1.5 hours in advance so you come with an empty stomach.
* If you arrive classroom early, please wait outside the classroom in silence until door is open.


To arrange for private healing yoga retreats in Bali, Thailand, USA, Taiwan or Greece, please contact Anny directly at



Yoga Teacher's Training

Yoga Teacher's Training 7 in 2017

Yoga Teacher's Training 6 in 2015

Yoga Teacher's Training 5 in 2014

Yoga Teacher's Training 4 in 2013

Yoga Teacher's Training 3 in 2010

Yoga Teacher's Training 2 in 2009

Yoga Teacher's Training 1 in 2007

Anny's yoga background

Since 1989, Anny has studied Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara, Kundalini and Yin yoga. She is a US Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher in the lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda. She has spent extensive periods of time living as a yogini in the Ananda and Sivananda ashram. Besides yoga, Anny also resonates with the Dharma as taught by the Buddha, not as a religion, but as a way of life. Anny has participated in many 10-day silent Vipassana (Insight) meditation retreats as well as a month-long silent Jhana (states of meditative absorption) retreat. Anny has also translated Chan Master Sheng-Yen's Dharma talks and his book on 7-day meditation retreat. Anny considers yoga and the Dharma as an integral part of her spiritual path. However, Anny's greatest teacher remains to be her "humanness" and suffering, as well as the raw tenderness of her heart (Bodhichitta).

Anny has been teaching yoga since 1999. She now teaches a 300 hour yoga teacher's training once a year.



Besides the physical, asana practice, Bhakti yoga, the path of open-hearted devotion through chanting, is an essential aspect of yoga. In all Indian ashrams, chanting is an integral part of spiritual practice. Chanting is a direct and powerful way to commune with the Divine. It helps you let go of your mind chatter and open your heart. It is an effective way to prepare you to naturally enter the Jhanas states (states of meditative absorptions) in sitting meditation.



Photo Album


Anny's Impromptu yoga



1) I have never felt what I experienced in Anny’s yoga class before. Surrounded by soft candlelight, under the beautiful melody of Indian chanting music, everyone turns their attention inward to observe their feelings in the body. We focus on breathing and on the physical sensations of every part of our body. Unexpectedly and miraculously, our mind quiets down during this process. While breathing, doing a pose, and chanting, tears quietly roll down my face. The strange thing is that
I didn’t have any emotion; rather, I felt enveloped by a warm and tender energy that made me so glad and grateful that I came here to do yoga. In doing yoga here, I have learned not only to improve my strength, balance and flexibility, but I have also learned to respect my body’s feelings and limitations. This has led me to love and appreciate myself so much more.

Waves after waves of Ujjayi breathing sound, accompanied by Indian chanting music, Anny’s guidance invokes everyone’s love and power.This is the best yoga class, at least this is how I feel.

Taipei, Taiwan


2)I had been wanting to do yoga for a long time, but I had not found the right teacher for me.Most yoga centers focus on exercise and losing weight, but I was looking for a class with a peaceful atmosphere that would help me go inward, into my heart through the yoga poses. Also, because I am attracted to Indian culture,I was looking for someone teaching Indian yoga. It’s been 2 years since my friend introduced me to Anny. I must say that Anny is the teacher that I had always been looking for.

In many of the yoga poses, I have felt energy current running through my body. Even though it is a yoga “class,” the goal is not to perform difficult poses that would illicit flattery and applause. Every 2 hour of yoga is time we spend tending to ourselves,being with our bodies, observing our feelings, letting go of what no longer serves us, breathing in beneficial energy, offering love and balancing our energies.

In Anny’s class, you rarely hear her telling you to bend further, straighten your legs more, or to twist your body deeper into a contorted shape. Instead,you often hear Anny say, “if you can’t breathe smoothly in this pose,then please ease up. If you can’t circulate your breath throughout the whole body, then holding the pose is useless.” When you’re frustrated in trying to bend forward more, you will hear her say, “forward bends are about surrendering, so don’t push and pull yourself forward with force. Instead, when you exhale, let yourself surrender forward, come to your natural edge and breathe deeply there.” When you’re doing a one-legged balance pose, you will hear Anny say, “it’s ok if you fall, don’t judge yourself. Take your time to allow your breath to help you focus and balance.”

I think you will notice that Anny’s every reminder is related to breath. In your first class, Anny will teach you Ujjayi breathing. What exactly is Ujjayi breathing? It is actually very simple to do, but very hard to describe. It is also very important in doing yoga. You will see for yourself when you come experience a class.

Practicing yoga helps you let go of your mind, let go of the outside world, remove your identity with your twisted self in ordinary life and bring you back to your original essence. In that place, you know who you are, what you need, what you want to give, what you want to be. You will discover that you have the wisdom you seek within yourself. At the end of every class, we sincerely bow to ourselves and say “Namaste,”then bow to others in the class with “Namaste.” Namaste means the light in me bows to the light in you.

Taipei, Taiwan


3) Six years ago, a friend introduced me to Anny. After a year of doing yoga with her, my body transformed, my heart and spirit transformed. I received inspiration and I opened myself. I’m continuously amazed at Anny’s courage and humility, her willingness to put herself aside to help others. I think she is a very fortunate human being. She is Total Surrender.
Anny, thank you so much. You will always be my great guide and friend.

Taipei, Taiwan


4) Anny is a delightful, spiritual and experienced yoga teacher. She really helped me understand the physical, spiritual and mindful aspects of the practice of yoga, ultimately guiding me on how to combine these aspects to vastly improve my awareness of myself, others and the environment around me. Very few other teachers of the multitudes I have attended, have inspired me enough to continue my yoga practice. Without the understanding that Anny conveyed to me, I can safely say my yoga
would not have continued or reached the depth I have achieved. Combined with her trained and natural ability to heal with her hands and mind, I have overcome physical and emotional traumas to lead a happier, healthy and more open life. She inspired me to learn and practice Thai massage, and trained me in Reiki, both of which have helped me share the human gift healing massage with everyone around me. Everyone should be able to give this gift.

Thomas Hopkins
Edinburgh, Scotland