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Women's Circle

A women's circle is a women's group therapy. Women's journey to God/Goddess/Self need not follow specific rules, regulations and paths set by existing, male-dominated religions. Through group therapy, ritual, meditation, prayer and sharing, women's circle can help women identify and release habitual conditionings that keep them separate from their innate wisdom and freedom.

Together with the love and support of the group, each woman can shed light on her deepest and darkest wounds. She learns to express and embrace her most shameful, guilty, angry feelings and grief her separation from Herself. In this process, not only does she heal herself, she contributes to the healing of the world.


Topics to Explore:


Art of Listening and Embodied Speaking
Healing benefits of Women's Groups
The Meaning of Femininity and Masculinity


Ancient Great Mother V. Great Goddess Worship
Devaluation of the Divine Feminine
Kali: Goddess of destruction and transformation
From Mother to Father to Co-worship Consciousness


Meeting the Goddess of the Underworld
Breakdown Becomes Breakthrough
Being In the Unknown
Reemergence From the Dark


Healing the mother/daughter split
Healing father/daughter relationship


Purpose of Studying Goddess Worship
Sanctified Virgin; Reclaiming Goddess Aphrodite
Make Love as a Prayer
Tantric Sex for Living Liberation


Confusing Social Messages/Body Image
Menstruation: A Gift of Womanhood
Illnesses of the Repressed Body
Sex and Spirit Integration


Taoist Sexual Cultivation Practices
Confusing Bodyism with Spirituality
Female Spirituality in Everyday Life



New Moon Ritual

The “Moon Den” is based on a concept taken from an ancient Native American Indian tradition where women entered a “moon hut” during the new moon of each month. When women's bodies were more in tuned with nature, as the moon entered her dark phase, women would begin to menstruate. During the first three days of their menses, women would stop their work and daily responsibilities and enter the moon hut to rest and recuperate. This is the native Indians' way of honoring the Divine Feminine in women and in all aspect life. Like their moon hut, the Moon Den offers its space for women to retreat from the outside world and journey inward during the new moon of every month. We perform a ritual to align ourselves with the energy of that new moon and use that concentrated energy to manifest the highest intention in our lives. Time is also given for women to reflect on her experiences and feelings and to be in silence and stillness.

Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon is a time to release the intention we set during the darkness of the New Moon and the careful nurturing of that intention during the 2 weeks that followed. Whatever we have not manifested, we offer it up to the hands of the Divine, trusting that if our intention is for our Highest good, the time will come when we experience it.
During our full moon ritual, we also celebrate what has come to fruition and give thanks to life and all the goodness in it. Through sharing food and drinks, chanting, dancing, and loving-kindness meditation we generate an abundance of energy to fully charge ourselves, then shower this energy as love and blessings to all.




Women's Sex and Spirit Integration

Embracing Our Psycho-Sexual-Spiritual Self

Women’s Sex and Spirit course aims at creating a safe and sacred healing space for women to explore their psyche, emotionality, sexuality, and spirituality. In adapting to society’s image of a “good woman” and in keeping up with a busy world filled with endless task of doing and taking care of others, many women unconsciously sever their connection with their body, emotion, sexuality and darkness. These neglected aspects of ourselves contain great wisdom, strength and love. Long term suppression of one's true feelings and neglect of one's sexual energy leads to an unfulfilling life, often wrecked with anxiety, stress, depression, or even illness in the most feminine parts of our body. This workshop guides women back to themselves, to identity and release unconscious patterns of living that no longer serve them, and to rediscover the inherent vitality, joy and peace that can be found within. Only when we can tap into this inner source of love and abundant energy, instead of depending on outside circumstances, can we experience true fulfillment.

In this course we will practice:

*Experiential techniques from body-centered psychotherapy to get in touch with our bodies and uncover our truth, to heal psycho-emotional wounds, and release limiting patterns and blockages.

*Psycho-spiritual group process to empower ourselves by taking responsibility for ways we unconsciously suppress our full potential; and to take on challenges that support our new ways of being.

*Chigong and Yogic breathing techniques and movements to open, charge and enliven our body.

*Sexual chiqong techniques and pelvic movements to cultivate and channel sexual energy for healing, increasing hormones, rejuvenation, and increasing our spiritual awareness.

*Guided meditation to calm and focus our mind for deep self inquiry.

*Meditation and visualization to open and connect to our Divine Self; and to accept and nurture every aspect of our being.

This is a 4 day course, divided into 2 consecutive weekends

Saturdays and Sundays 9:30am to 5:30pm

Participants may choose to register for the 1st weekend only.



Sexual Chiqong/ Jade Egg

The Jade egg practice is an ancient Taoist Chigong practice used by the women in the high courts of Imperial China. It was their secret for increasing vitality, sexual energy and maintaing youthfulness.
A course in the Jade egg practice includes learning:

*Taoist chiqong to ground, generate energy, and circulate energy in the body through the microcosmic orbit.
* Spinal and pelvic movements, breath, meditation to direct energy from sex organs to the heart and head center.
* Breast massage to cultivate love and compassion and combine these virtues with sexual energy.
* Stimulating reflexology points using the jade egg.
* Ability to direct sexual energy to different organs and centers in the body to heal and rejuvenate those parts.
* How to transform sexual energy to physical energy to spiritual bliss.

Regular Jade Egg practice can help women:

* Increase their hormones and regulate their hormonal balance.
* Increase the usable amount of energy throughout a day.
* Strengthen pelvic floor muscles and the ability to control them.
* Increase awareness and sensitivity to the lower belly and sex organs.
* Improve health in the breast, uterus, cervix and ovaries.
* Increase spiritual awareness through stimulating the pineal and pituitary glands.
* Connect to their Divine Self.
* Beautify skin complexion, and the size and shape of breasts.
* Love themselves more deeply and become radiantly confident.

Currently Tara is teaching the Sexual Chigong Jade Egg practice in Taiwan, but is available to teach abroad. If you would like to organize a workshop in English, please contact Anny at: themoonden@gmail.com




★ I thank myself for coming to learn from Anny. Of course learning to use ovarian breathing and microcosmic meditation to cultivate my sexual energy, and use the Jade egg to exercise my pelvic muscle is a very precious and rare experience. I'm very touched by Anny's selflessness and how adorable she is. In every one of Anny's class, I feel I'm learning in a natural, relaxed and joyful environment. In every class, she leads us to appreciate the magic and joy of being a woman. But what I appreciate most is Anny's consistent spiritual teachings because without spirituality, technique is just technique and it may even be harmful. Every time I practice, I hear Anny's voice reminding us “it's now time to tend to yourself, listen to your own rhythm, nurture yourself, inhale to greet yourself, breathe in love to your tight areas.” Inevitably I feel myself softening. I feel this is a spiritual course that uses the body to teach you how to accept being a woman. Every time we practice, we are learning to embrace ourself and our innate sexy female energy. This course is a discovery of one's femininity, and it is an amazing course filled with Love.

★ In the beginning I decided to attend Anny's course because my doctor said I didn't have enough progesterone. Also I wanted to understand my sexuality which I was intimate with but at the same time afraid of. I wanted to know what it would be like if I really faced my sexual energy and see what it could give me. In the end, I experience all of this through Anny's course. I was shocked by the way the practice awoken me physically. I began to realize the gift of being a woman, and was surprised at the juiciness that kept emerging from me. Gradually, I also saw I no longer got so tired when I menstruate.

What touched me the most is through this course, I learned how to truly love myself with concrete physical action. I experienced the sweetness of embodying this female body and consciousness, and learned to surrender to the pleasure of being a woman without any judgement. Along the way, I became more sensitive to the messages of my body. The benefits of this course took affect in my real life and transformed me in all aspects of body, mind, and spirit. This course is the best gift I've given myself, and its benefits exceeded beyond my expectation.

★ My energy level increased. More vitality. Increased awareness and sensitivity on many things. After the female chiqong practice in the morning I feel more awake. Because I have more energy now, I can do more things during the day, not like before when I felt tired and lazy. The breast massage and dancing made me embrace and love myself. After 2 months of practicing female sexual chiqong, the acne on my chin that I've had for many years magically disappeared! No Chinese doctor could cure me of this before. And my complexion became nice.

★ I gained many benefits through this course.. my hormones became more balanced, I experience more pleasure in lovemaking, and most importantly through massaging my body, for the first time I experienced what it's like to be a woman and how to really love myself body and soul. I always look forward to each class because I can't wait for the opportunity to let go of everything and come back to my body and spirit. This has been the best gift in my life.

★ Lots of love and many thanks to dear Anny. After practicing, I noticed every woman's complexion glowed and became beautiful. I have more energy, vitality, my emotions and life in general became much more delightful. I no longer have blood clumps when I menstruate. I enjoy being a woman a lot more now.

★ Through this course, I began to connect to my body, learn to love my body and love myself as a whole. I faced my sexual repression and wounds and began to heal myself. My period became normal, I lose less blood, my complexion became nice, energy level went up, and I became more accepting. In love making I didn't used to know how to enjoy it, and only knew how to pleasure my partner. Now I have started to allow my partner to pleasure me and enjoy lovemaking. I'll reap the benefits of this course for the rest of my life.

★ I reconnected to the lower half of my body (my ovaries and uterus) and can feel them now. Awareness of their presence and sexual energy made my heart more open. Years of sexual suppression surfaced and released. I became stronger and more self-validating. I love everything about being a woman now. Starting everyday with Female sexual chiqong practice gives me energy and increased focus throughout the day. And now I know the importance of letting my emotions flow.

★ Although I never successfully inserted the jade egg, I have experienced so much healing in this 8 week course. This course really is a journey in loving yourself. I'm 57 years old, my period ended several years back. My sexual organs and physical strength degenerated drastically, so during the first class I told everyone I'm here to recover my youth and rejuvenate, and now I'm really experiencing this! My energy level, vitality and complexion all improved. Before I used to have pain in my left abdomen but now the pain is gone. Every morning when I do chiqong I allow my energy to flow and release pent up emotions. Half way in this course, I realized I used to be left-handed, and was forced to become right-handed. I began to heal wounds related to and come to accept myself more, love myself more. I'm so grateful to Anny, my inner child and higher Self for guiding me forward on this path.

★ My energy level improved. Before I used to get vagina infections easily, but now my immune system has gotten stronger and I don't get infections anymore. My menstrual cycle became smooth. I don't get menstrual cramps, and my emotions are more stable. It's also easier to experience sexual pleasure and fulfillment now.

★ My complexion became nice. I often take pleasure in looking at myself in the mirror now. I don't sweat easily, but practicing sexual chiqong makes me sweat a lot, which makes me happy. It's also easier to have orgasms now. Awesome!

★ After practicing sexual chiqong, my body became more flexible, less aches and pain. I have more energy. When I menstruate, I lose less blood and don't get dizzy anymore. My skin became nice, and I feel like I'm getting younger!

★ I no longer have blood clots when I menstruate. And all the symptoms I used to have during my period lessened. I have less shoulder and neck pain...in fact, this improved a lot. I accept and love my body a lot more now. I feel joy in my body and in my heart.

★ Dear Anny, every time I come to class, I feel very fortunate and blessed, and experience peace within myself. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to learn this Female Taoist Chiqong practice. I hope soon I'll be able to attend another course of yours and learn to be a liberated woman like you.


Testimony on Anny's other Women courses:

1) This is my first time taking a workshop like this…going into the body to become deeply conscious. Under Anny’s guidance, I was able to release my negative emotions and realize that early wounding caused my limited, twisted beliefs. I also saw how much I closed off my heart and suppressed my feelings. I cannot thank Anny enough. I feel the workshop can be longer. I also want my close friends and family to experience this. I truly admire Anny’s professionalism.

Anonymous workshop participant
Taipei, Taiwan


2) From feeling awkward and twisted, I began moving consciously. I saw how unfamiliar I was to my body and how distanced I was from my heart. I asked why, but in the process, there is no answer…only truly going inside myself to listen to my body. The body naturally communicates to us. During this process of making deep contact with myself, I felt completely taken care of. That power of love is the life force stored in everyone’s deepest self.

I often meditate and record my dreams to self reflect. However, the experience in this workshop allowed me to get even closer to myself. I was able to befriend myself, tend to myself, become the companion I had always sought for.
In the workshop exercises, I worked diligently on connecting my head and my body. Anny’s warm and powerful voice created a safe, protected environment for us to do the work. In that space, I heard her encouraging words to truly express myself, like “ok, go ahead and jump, go ahead and feel that, go ahead and make that sound.”

Taipei, Taiwan