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Tranforming Suffering into Self-Empowerment Through Cognitive, Emotional and sensorimotor (bodily) processing.


Individual Therapy Session

Anny practices Somatic and Transpersonal psychotherapy with emphasis on recovering one's inherent health, rather than on reinforcing pathology. You need not have a psychological disorder to receive psychotherapy. It is a self-discovery process that can be a life changing experience.

Anny works with developmental issues as well as trauma.
She specializes in relationship dynamics and trauma recovery.

$6,000 per 60 mins. or $20,000 for a package of four 60 min sessions.

A 48-hour advance notice is required for changing or cancelling an appointment, otherwise it will still be charged as a full session.


Group Therapy Workshop

Anny leads group therapy workshops based on principles of somatic and transpersonal psychology. Please check back periodically for detailed information and dates for the next workshop.



Somatic Psychotherapy

Soma is the Greek word for “body”. Somatic Psychology views the body as a structural blueprint to our consciousness. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, which is mostly cognitive talk therapy that stays in the head, body psychotherapy tracks the response of the body to reveal unfiltered truth about ourselves and our experiences. The body is our subconscious mind, when we use breath, movement and sound to express suppressed emotions in our subsconsious mind, our emotions become a guidance system, like a messenger that tells us how we are straying from our Truth, and how we can return to our well-being. Anny uses body-centered psychotherapy to help us listen to and release our true feelings, and tap into our inherient wisdom. 

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma Recovery

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a form of body psychotherapy that uses the body as a primary entry point in treating the effects of trauma. It guides and allows the body to release unassimilated somatic response evoked by the trauma. This in turn facilitates emotional and cognitive processing for a thorough treatment. Those who suffer from symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) such as anxiety attacks, insomnia, depression, and chronic fatigue or pain can find great relief through this therapy. For more information, see


Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy extends the traditional theories of the psyche to the spiritual dimension of our being. It sees the human personality not as an end in itself, but as the vessel which enables the soul and spirit to navigate through the world. It explores the stage of human development where we experience a deeper and wider sense of who we are in relation with others, nature and the universe.

Anny's Background

Anny's introduction to the field of mind-body therapy began with studying Holographic Repatterning (HR) in 1999. HR is a self-healing process that uses applied kinesiology, (muscle testing), to uncover and transform unconscious, negative patterns into opportunities for growth . Following Anny's own HR healing, which helped her mend childhood wounds and improve relationship with her father, her purpose in life was revealed: to heal herself and guide others to heal themselves . With a committed heart, she studied and practiced HR exhaustively in Taiwan and the USA .

In 2001, after 3 years of seeing clients for HR therapy sessions, Anny left her thriving practice in Taiwan and went to Boulder, CO. to study body-centered psychotherapy. She began her Master's program in the Somatic Psychology Department of Naropa University, a school founded by the Tibetan Buddhist master, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Later Anny transferred to Regis University in Denver , CO. where she created an independent Master's program that reflected exactly what she wanted to study---a combination of Transpersonal and Buddhist Psychology with Somatic Psychology. Because of Anny's own spiritual practice, she was curious to investigate the link between Eastern meditation and Western psychotherapy, and the benefits of combining the two. She found that while psychotherapy is a great tool for developing a functional ego structure, meditation transcends it. Psychotherapy gives you a clear view of yourself, but meditation offers a broader picture of who you are in connection with everything else. Both a healthy ego and a transcendent perspective help us live a joyful, peaceful life.

In 2002, Anny completed a 6-month trauma training for professional psychotherapists at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Boulder , Colorado . This training provided Anny with highly progressive, therapeutic skills to work with post-traumatic stress disorder from psychological, emotional and physical trauma.

Anny has been giving 1 on 1 therapy sessions in the USA , China, Germany and Taiwan since 1999.




Anny’s psychotherapy emphasize listening to one’s self, tending to one’s self, and through self awareness, finding a path that leads one back to his/her inner truth.

At first it was not easy.  I realized I lived in my head most of the time.  I couldn’t feel my body.  When I talked, Anny would ask me again and again to stop what I was saying, to return to my body and notice the physical sensations so that I could know my true feelings. I found out that my truth, without judgment, without self-protection, without my rationality, lies in my body. When I let go of my mind’s control and go into my body, I see directly my naked self, without armor. I had never seen myself like this before.>

Tending to myself, being with darkness is another priceless learning. In the past, when I became angry or sad, I either attacked with a sharp knife, or I complained bitterly. I only knew to vent, I didn’t grow. It was as if a monster lived inside of me, which only knew the power of destruction. However, from Anny, I learned how to “mother myself.” I realized I had so much love to give to myself. I don’t necessarily need to get it from someone else. I don’t need to rely on others for my sense of self-worth and for validating my existence. Dark is light. When I accept my darkness as part of my beautiful self, appreciate the wisdom of darkness, my inner world finally finds peace and balance.

In this past year, Anny was with me to touch upon the old and new wounds inside of me, accumulated from a young age up until now. One by one, layers after layers, she guided me to open these wounds, to love them, to mollify them, to heal them. It hurt so much, but hurt so good. Without tending to our wounds, they will rot and eventually poison our mind, body and spirit. Nowadays, many people bravely put on a tough exterior and triumph the necessity of a positive attitude, while refusing to face the accumulated stress and traumas in their bodies. In the end, it’s negative energy they are circulating.

Anny’s guidance is a mystical journey into the Self. When your inside softens and begins to shine, you naturally see the divine in everything and everyone. Like the Indian and Nepalese greeting,“Namaste” (I bow to the divine in you), I want to thank Anny for helping me see a path full of beauty ahead of me. I know that her response to me would be, “thank yourself."

Mao Mao
Taipei, Taiwan


2) I began seeing Anny as a massage client, which turned out to be the natural segue into body psychotherapy. Anny guided me through issues that I thought I could deal with in my head by helping me identify where I was feeling them in my body. I began discovering and acknowledging old wounds and behaviors. Anny took me to some very dark places and was there to hold my hand on my journey back to the light. Anny's therapy is not remote and impersonal as is traditional Western psychotherapy, because she recognizes that we are all connected, but she also knows how to stay objective and make you stay focused. She knew how to make me keep looking in the mirror and come back to myself. She helped me see more clearly that I am responsible for my life and choices. I had a good life before I went to Anny but it was limited by my own limits, Anny's therapy skills gently but firmly guided me to removing some of those limits. Those same skills let me know that I could take care of myself and did not need to always rely on Anny, at the same time letting me know she was always there if I still needed a little help. Now I take the time to sit quietly and just feel what my body is telling me. I have far fewer chronic body issues and recognize what is happening when I feel certain things. My journey into my body, mind and spirit continues with my own conscious light guiding my way, thanks to Anny. I can obviously recommend Anny as a body centered psychotherapist! I can also recommend her as a reference for and teacher of, many things such as meditation, Reiki, energy massage and training, and Yoga.

Terry Wilson
Texas, USA


3) In the past, people around me that loved me the most were convinced that I suffered from a mental disorder. Anny was the first and only One to believe otherwise. If it was not for her, I would still probably believe this to be true. Through her unwavering confidence and compassionate heart, she has opened a book in me that would have otherwise been left closed or forgotten.
Anny is a wonderful being that speaks from her heart. To this day, I am grateful for having known such a person in my life. She is highly intelligent, courageous, and wise; all of this underneath a charmingly beautiful smile. I hope that someday too she will affect you as she has affected me. Thank you Anny~

Mr. Lin
California, USA


4) I have been deeply impressed by Anny's dedication to becoming a healing practitioner. Her understanding and application of body psychotherapy, yoga, therapeutic massage has an incredible amount of wisdom and experience intertwined with passion, commitment and a clear understanding regarding the critical role of her clients in their own therapy. She is far beyond other practitioners in the depth of her knowledge and attention to her clients.

Richard West
ICA, Taiwan