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Anny is currently giving workshops on the topics of Women's Spirituality and Sexuality, Love Relationship, and Healing the Inner Child for Personal Transformation. These workshops are mostly conducted in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, or as retreats in Bali and Thailand.She also leads a 300 hour Yoga Teacher's Training once a year.
ff you would like to organize one of Anny's workshops, please contact Anny at themoonden@gmail.com.


10 day Healing and Transformation Retreat
April 9th~18th, 2018

Anny will explain the 7 chakra system as a map to help us navigate through the issues we face in everyday life as human beings.  We learn how imbalances in each chakra, either excessive or deficient, create psychological, emotional, and physical challenges in our life. We begin our self-healing process by shinning the light of our awareness into our subconscious mind, the environment of our childhood.  Starting with the first chakra… what did or did not give us security, a sense of belonging and the right to exist?  For many of us, our childhood imprint of love equals anxiety, abandonment, and loneliness. By healing our childhood wounds, we create a new blueprint of love that aligns with the version of love and life we consciously desire.  From here we move up to each chakra, increasing our self-awareness and cultivating self-compassion along the way.  We turn our insights into action, making changes in our everyday life that truly reflect our inner transformation.
* (Retreat led in Chinese)  http://www.themoonden.com/chinese/news-c.htm


4 day Embracing Womanhood, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
May 7th~10th, 2018

This is a workshop for women to heal traumas related to sexuality.  Anny uses somatic psychotherapeutic techniques to guide women in facing and healing sexual abuse, rape, and abortion. Only when we integrate what is relegated to the dark, can we embrace our whole womanhood.  We also do somatic practices to re-establish healthy defense mechanisms that were lost when our boundaries were violated.  We then identify and release old beliefs about sex and our body that prevent us from accepting our sexuality.  We form new beliefs that allow us to enjoy being a sexually embodied and awake woman. With our reclaimed power and self trust, we learn to cultivate our female sexual energy through practicing Taoist Chiqong practices that include breast massage and jade egg exercises.  Women with menstruation pain, ovarian cysts, hormonal imbalance and infertility issues have all reported that practicing the Taoist chiqong exercises help them resolve these issues. (Retreat led in Chinese)
* (Retreat led in Chinese)  http://www.themoonden.com/chinese/news-c.htm


4 day Love Relationships for Spiritual and Sexual Fulfillment
May 12h~15th, 2018

In our modern day world, for a love relationship to work, both parties need to see it as fertile grounds for personal growth.  In this workshop, we take all relationship issues as opportunities to become more self-aware, responsible, loving and complete individuals. We learn to see ourselves as the source of all our experiences, good or bad.  By understanding how our childhood wounding created our subconscious, negative feelings about love that we play out repeatedly, we shift from victimhood to an empowered state where we can begin to create the love we consciously desire.  We also practice communication techniques and relationship skills to resolve conflicts, and form agreements based on shared values.  We learn about differences between men and women to foster greater understanding and acceptance of each other.  We also practice ways to enhance our differences in order to increase our sexual attraction for one another.
* (Retreat led in Chinese)  http://www.themoonden.com/chinese/news-c.htm


10 Day Love Myself Yoga Retreat
June 27 to July 6, 2018

In this retreat we will have a chance to dive into yogic practices and somatic psychotherapeutic techniques that help us connect to our body, our subconscious mind, as well as to our Higher Self.  Through practicing asanas, pranayama, kriyas, chanting and meditation, we settle and focus our mind to go inward, to convene with the true self that awaits us.  We will also experience different body-centered psychotherapy techniques, using breath, posture, movement, and sound that help us release and let go of that which is stored in our subconscious mind.  Through these practices, we increase our capacity to hold and accept all difference aspects of us. By learning to embrace our darkest shadow as well as embody our purest Light, and making friends with everything in between, we truly learn to love ourselves.
* (Retreat led in Chinese)  http://www.themoonden.com/chinese/news-c.htm


20 Day Yoga Teacher's Training
August 12 to August 31, 2018

Anny teaches her own style of yoga based on her 28 years of yoga practice and 19 years of teaching yoga.  It looks and feels like a moving meditation, with emphasis on allowing breath to move the body and form the asanas.  Once the body is more open and free through the asana practice, we can sit still for chanting to open our hearts, and meditation to calm and concentrate our mind. We sit quietly to drink in the nectar from communing with our Divine Consciousness.  This is an intensive training that covers yogic philosophy, history, pranayama, chanting, meditation, anatomy and physiology, posture breakdown, alignment and adjustment, chakra system, Ayurveda and yoga, art of teaching, yogic diet, yin yoga and partner yoga.
Anny’s Moon Den is a US Yoga Alliance certified school; therefore, graduates of the training are eligible to become a US Yoga Alliance certified teacher.
* (Training led in Chinese)  http://www.themoonden.com/chinese/news-c.htm




Past Workshops / Retreats



A 20-Day Transformation Course in Unconditional Love

RED 4 Days

1/15 Connect With Wisdom of the Body
3/19 Healing Relationship with Mother
3/20 Healing Relationship with Father
3/26 Soul's Contract with Parents


2/27 Healing Intimacy and Sexual Relationships
2/28 Realizing the Higher Purpose of Pleasure and Sex
4/16 Polarizing Masculine/Feminine Attraction
4/17 Cultivating Sexual Energy Through Taoist Chiqong


5/14 Create Healthy Boundaries, Learn to say “No”
5/15 Activate your Willpower, Risk To Become Your Unique Self, Act

GREEN 4 Days

6/11 Facing Your Inner Critic
6/12 Seeing Your Disowned Self, Projected As Admiration and Hatred
7/9 Feeding Your Demons, Turning Demons into Allies
7/10 Forgiveness and Compassion Meditation

BLUE 2 Days

8/13 Resonate With Your Truth, Express Yourself Creatively
8/14 Practice Non-violent, Effective Communication


9/10 Visualization Into Actualization, Seeing Dreams as Messages
9/11 Releasing old limiting Archetypes and forming new ones that serves you


10/8 Mountain top panoramic view of your life and its meaning
10/9 Identify with the Witness, Who am I?, Merge with the Divine


300 Hour Yoga Teacher's Training

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy- 4 day workshop

Creating Love Relationship- 6 day workshop

Healing Transformation Course- 10 Days

Sex and Spirit Workshop

60 Hour Thai Massage Training

Reiki I and II Workshops

Women's Circle Facilitator Training

Retreats in India, Thailand, and Bali

Trainings for Taiwan's Ministry of Interior For Social Workers of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Taipei, Taichung, Taidong, Kaohsiung


Thailand Retreat    
Thailand retreat 2
  Thailand Retreat 3