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About The Moon Den

In this day and age, we live life controlled by the masculine, yang force within us. We seek self validation by looking outward to fulfill soceity's expactations about what one should do and how one should live in order to be successful and worthy. We make decisions with our head and fill our time with endless busy activities driven by fear. We do all this in search for approval and secruity, but what we often experience is stress and suffering. To bring balance into our lives, both men and women can create time and space to reconnect with the feminine, yin energy within us. We can choose to slow down and learn to listen to our body and intuition, source the wisdom of our heart, and follow a path that is uniquely based on each individual's authentic truth and passion. When we find within what we have been seeking outside, we come back to our most natural state: joy, and freedom.








Like the Native American's moon hut, the Moon Den is a warm and safe place for us to unwind, and turn our awareness inward to uncover our truth. Anny creates a Moon Den whenever she is guiding a personal growth/transformation workshop, psycho-spiritual therapy session, women's group therapy, or yoga teacher's training. Through these different platforms, Anny inspires us to raise our awareness, and expand our capacity to embrace all aspects of life. Along the way, we realign with love and wisdom.

About Anny Lee

Anny is the creator and the guide of the Moon Den. She was born in Taiwan, raised and educated in the United States. Since 1999, she has been working as a somatic psycho-spiritual therapist, yoga teacher and bodyworker in many countries. Anny leads retreats and workshops dedicated to raise our consciousness, reconnect to Source, and experience freedom and joy. For more detailed information about her background, please see the individual sections of the website.



Work Experience

※ Retreat leader in Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and India.

※ Personal growth workshop leader in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia

※ Body psychotherapist in Frankfurt , Germany ; San Francisco , US ; and Taiwan

※ Residential Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, Samasati Yoga Resort , Costa Rica

※ Reiki teacher in Barcelona , Spain and Taiwan

※ Women's Circle leader in Guatemala ; San Francisco , US ; and Taiwan

※ Thai massage teacher in Taiwan

※ Yogi working and living at the Indian Sivananda Ashram , Bahamas

※ Translator for Buddhist Master Sheng-Yen's dharma talks and book on 7-day meditation retreat.

Education & Training

※ MA. Psychology, emphasis Somatic & Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Regis University, Colorado, USA

※ Master's program in Somatic Psychology, Naropa University , Colorado , USA

※ Trauma recovery therapist certified by Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Colorado , USA

※ HeartMath trainer certified by HeartMath Institute, USA

※ Wheel Of Consent Practitioner, graduated from Wheel of Consent School by Betty Martin, USA

※ Life coach certified by Quantum Success Coaching Academy, USA

※ Yoga Teacher certified by Indian Ananda Ashram , California , USA

※ Chigong Teacher certified by Universal Healing Tao, Mantak Chia, Thailand

※ Thai massage therapist certified by Old Medicine Hospital , Chiang Mai , Thailand

※ Nerve Touch Massage therapist certified by Master Lek Chiaya, Chiang Mai , Thailand

※ Tui-Na and Meridian Massage, with Lee Sen Yu, Taipei , Taiwan

※ Reiki Level 1 to 4 certified by Usui Reiki system, Taipei , Taiwan


Anny's Book (Books written under the name "Tara Ann Lee")

Anny's 2nd book on Spiritual Love Relationship is published in traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and simplified Chinese (China). In Taiwan it's called 讓愛自由 and in China it's called 靈性親密關係. Those who can read Chinese can look for the book in bookstores and on-line bookstores in Taiwan and China.


Anny's first book on Reclaiming the Divine Feminine for Sex and Spirit Integration is currently available in both Taiwan and China.