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Individual Bodywork Session

Anny blends elements of Thai massage, Reiki, Tui-Na, Meridian massage and body-centered psychotherapy to create an integral bodywork session tailored to each individual. She works intuitively with her listening hands, being present to the client's needs and how spirit guides the healing. Most of Anny's massage clients are long-term clients. Often clients come for a massage to release physical tension, but later as trust builds between the client and the therapist, the client may move into emotional and psychological processing. The cells in the body record everything that one has experienced because the body is the subconscious mind. Therefore, touching a certain part of the body during massage may trigger an emotional response, a memory of an unresolved feeling stored there. Depending on how deep the client is willing to go, massage can be an entryway to facilitate deep healing work. For those who simply want to dissolve tension in the body, these bodywork sessions are a powerful and effective way to be nurtured back to a state of ease and relaxation.

$6,000 per 60 mins. or $20,000 for a package of four 60 min sessions. Client can decide on the length of each session.



Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on energy healing, rediscovered in the middle of the 19th century by a Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui. A Reiki practitioner is an open conduit channeling Universal life force through her to the recipient. The practitioner lays her hands on the recipient's seven chakras, the main energy centers in the body, and other areas of distress to help release energy blocks and bring about balance. As a result, the recipient sinks into a trance-like state of relaxation where mental and physical tension melts, and healing occurs. Reiki Training Courses

Anny gives Reiki Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 courses throughout the year at the Moon Den. This is an excellent foundation course for any type of bodywork. Students will gain a solid understanding of the seven charkas as well as learn how to prepare for and give a safe and effective hands-on healing session.



Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art that dates back a 1,000 years ago. It is composed of three elements: deep muscle massage, acupressure to stimulate meridian lines, and yoga stretches to loosen the entire body. Thai massage loosens joints, softens tissues, improves flexibility, alleviates pain, increases vitality and offers a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Thai massage is often called “lazyman's yoga.” It is a great complement to one's yoga practice as it opens places one cannot reach him/herself. The recipient lies on a cushioned floor mat, wearing loose, comfortable clothes.

Thai Massage Training Course

Anny teaches Thai massage courses for people interested in becoming a Thai massage therapist or simply wants to give Thai massage to family and friends. Students will learn massage techniques as well as different ways to sequence the techniques. In addition, this course will provide students with a basic understanding of the Chinese five elements and the meridian system.



Anny's Bodywork Background


Anny began learning Reiki in 1999. Before she received her Level I attunement, her Reiki teacher warned, “don't be surprised if your body has a strong reaction to the attunement, like if something on your body that you don't need anymore falls off.” That night, a cyst attached to Anny's right ovary ruptured and she was rushed to the emergency room. The doctor wanted to operate on her right away because of severe pain and internal bleeding. However, Anny insisted on postponing the surgery to see if she could heal with Reiki. She called her Reiki teachers to work on her and put her hands on her belly and channeled all her faith and love to her ovary. The doctor kept Anny in the emergency room over night to make sure the internal bleeding would subside. Eventually the bleeding stopped, and Anny went home the next day without surgery. Anny's personal experience of Reiki's healing power led her to take all four levels of the Reiki training. Since 1999, she has been giving reiki treatment sessions along with other healing arts. She also has taught Reiki in Taiwan and Spain .


Anny received her Thai massage certification from the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai , Thailand in 2002. She also received personal tutelage from several top Thai massage masters, such as Lek Chaiya. In addition, Anny has taken professional training in Chinese meridian massage, Tui Na, acupressure and reflexology with a Tui Na master in Taiwan .

Anny has been giving bodywork since 1999, in both the East and the West.




1)  As a business executive, I have always seen the stress of my job appear as tightness in my neck, shoulders and lower back.  Anny was working with my wife as both a masseuse and healer and my wife suggested I try getting a massage from Anny to see if it helped.  For the next year or so, I looked forward to my Saturday afternoon sessions with Anny. I always asked for two hour sessions where Anny would do full body massages but concentrate on those areas bothering me the most; neck, shoulders and back.

I began to notice that I was going longer each week with no signs of stress.  I had no headaches or muscle aches.  My neck muscles were always soft and free of discomfort.  I would thoroughly recommend to any businessman or woman who endures lots of job related stress to consider Anny Lee as a solution. My biggest regret: when my wife and I left Taiwan
and returned to the U.S., I could not take Anny with us!!!

James N. Wilson
Chief Business Officer - Taiwan Mobile


2)  Dear Anny, I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me. When I suffered a bad sprain to my right ankle in the spring of 2003 I did not realize the impact it would have on my life.  That realization came to me when on a cruise in 2004 I could not keep up with my travel companions, in fact I had to take the elevator down all the time instead of being able to use the stairs.  When I mentioned that to my friend Anthony Abuzeide he graciously gave me your name and number, and I called you for the first appointment. You spent time on my foot, massaged, explained how the injury lingered in my body, and took care of it right there and then. Imagine my amazement when I was able to walk out of your office, without favoring my ankle, as I had been doing, and indeed walk down stairs effortlessly for the first time in over a year. I think there is a huge need for your services, and wish you well in all your healing efforts.

Else Marie Ybarreta
California, USA


3)  Anny is a caring and compassionate energy healer who also has a strong understanding of how the mind, spirit and psyche interact with health issues.  She significantly helped reduce the pain in my left knee with her gifted hands when no one else could.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing, and deeper issues that will ground the healing, and improve one's life.

David Weinstein
California, USA >


4)  How to explain such a great experience. I remember that day in Samasati Yoga Retreat when I met Anny, I start to cry. I couldn’t help it.  I had the deepest and most powerful healing session ever in my life. I found myself traveling into a strange and intense energy trip. I have to confess I was very scared noticing all that strong energy going out.  But during all that time, she guided me and I remember how much I trusted her hands. After that session I spent almost the next 15 days being and feeling like the most released and happy creature in this world. How can I describe then the power of her hands?

Barcelona, Spain